About Mr Spices

We have over 150 standard spice blends and flavours as well as over 50 spice blends unique only to Mr Spices. We are well known in the market for developing unique spice blends for customers who wish to have a ‘custom’ blend of their own and we are continually developing our brand in the market place and keeping up with the ever- changing requirements in the food industry. 

Our full-time quality control manager ensures a continually high standard of production and we therefore continuously score impressively in our annual food, health and safety audit.

We are particularly proud of our Mediterranean heritage and a large part of our spices and sauces have a continental blend, appealing to the Portuguese, Italian and Spanish clientele. 

Furthermore, we are Kosher and Halaal certified.

Our products are found in major retail stores throughout the country and we have a large network of wholesalers and agents who distribute our products throughout South Africa, Swaziland and Botswana. 

We cover the whole of South Africa with our selected agents.

Mr Spices prides itself on quality and we believe that only the best raw materials are good enough which enables us to maintain a high standard of spices and sauces and therefore ensures our customers always receive an excellent, quality product